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Soom Soom Fresh has sparked a love affair with fans in L.A. with their dedication to healthy ingredients and an obsession for Mediterranean flavors. Franchising starts soon with limited territories to start, but you can reserve a spot on the waiting list now.

Think Lawrence of Arabia Meets Casablanca

The Soom Soom experience is one of pure Mediterranean delight as fans nourish both their body and soul on fresh, savory dishes made, with love, from locally-sourced ingredients.

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A Simple, Flexible Footprint

Soom Soom is a powerhouse of familiar Mediterranean dishes made possible by a simple and scalable operation. Thanks to our smaller footprint and emphasis on off-premise dining you have flexibility in your real estate selection. 

Free from limitations

Consider Soom Soom for your next concept. With prime whitespace available, you can choose your adventure in a wide variety of hot markets across the country. While we’re focused on a few high-growth territories, we are open to discuss any area on the map.

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What makes Soom Soom so fresh?

  • Fresh, made-to-order, Fast Casual concept that’s earned a reputation for electrifying tastebuds
  • Consistently ranked among the best-tasting chicken sandwiches in Chicago
  • Made from scratch sauces & proprietary recipes
  • Chef-curated menu offers a variety of unique southern flavors made from fresh ingredients
  • Great value for customers
  • Popular brand with a huge social media following
  • Simple and streamlined operations makes it easy to operate and fun to own
  • Opportunity to expand in untapped territories
  • Smaller footprint with emphasis on off-premise
  • Delivery (3PD and In-house) – Virtual Kitchen Enables extra revenue streams
  • Huge growth potential
  • Strong support system – Backed by Craveworthy Brands
  • Fast Online Ordering & Grab ’n Go
  • Great opportunity for a first-time business owner

Investment Range

  • Liquidity $150k+
  • Net Worth $500K+
  • Depending on geography, size of the store, configuration of the store and several other determining factors, the investment per store ranges from $178,000 to $989,500.

Franchise Fees

  • Single Unit -$30,000
  • Additional Units - $20,000 each
  • Development fee - $10,000, credited to franchise fee

Ongoing Fees

  • Monthly Royalty – 6%
  • Marketing Fund Contribution - 4% (2.5% toward National Advertising. 1.5% reinvested in your local store marketing)

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